Create In California is a initiative established by HOT ITALIAN founders Andrea Lepore and Fabrizio Cercatore who wanted to promote the many great California-based businesses and individuals making quality products in our State.

Through HOT ITALIAN, we’re introduced to, and we seek out, other design-driven brands and producers in food, beverages, fashion, product design, and art on a daily basis.

We realize we need to buy more products produced locally and we want to encourage others to support these people too. We’re the first to admit, we love Proscuitto Parma and Gucci boots, but if we all don’t buy more local products, those people making them will be out of business. And that isn’t good for anyone.

Some of these entrepreneurs behind these products are Italian, some follow the Italian artisan way of doing things, and some are just making really good, cool stuff that we love and think you will too.

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